quinta-feira, 17 de março de 2011

Contador de histórias...

A minha oferta aos contadores de histórias que caminharam e caminham por esta terra, que os nossos corações se unam para que a palavra venha na hora certa, impecável e recta.

 Soud Massi - Raoui - The Story Teller with English Translation

tell, storyteller,
tell a story! May it be a legend!
tell us of the people of yesterday;
Of Loundja, the daughter of the Ogress and the son of the sultan.

start with once upon a time,
offer us dreams
Start with Once upon a time
We all have a story in the depths of our heart.

narrate and forget we're adults
In your mind we're young
tell us about heaven and hell
about the bird that never flew in his life
make us understand the meaning of the world

oh storyteller tell it just as they told you
don't add anything, don't leave anything out
We could see into your mind
narrate to make us forget this time
leave us at once upon a time.

Obrigada Sílvia.

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